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NuVue Business Solutions is a global full-service training company that provides Sales and Leadership Training. We specialize in classroom training with reinforcement tools that turn learning into action and action in results! Our programs are proven to:

  • Increase sales
  • Get higher margins
  • Build stronger leaders
  • Increase overall productivity

We work with clients to provide custom training solutions that are proven to get results and maximize performance change. Our effective Learning That Never Stops™ sales, leadership and customer service training is tailored to you.

Featured Blog Post

Photo courtesy of Irita Kirsbluma

Integrating Mobile Learning into Classroom-Based Sales Training

Classroom training is (still) king, but sales teams are more connected via mobile devices than ever before. Herein lies an opportunity to integrate mobile learning, or mLearning, into classroom-based curriculum for maximum return on investment.

As surprising as it may seem, classroom training remains dominant despite the proliferation of eLearning and other tech-based learning solutions. According to a 2011 survey of 1,500 learning professionals, 65% of learning executives indicated they continue to use classroom training as the primary learning delivery method for developing soft skills. This makes sense, as face-to-face training group sizes can be flexible, learners often take in as much from their peers as the instructors, and the “human touch” is still something we all instinctively crave as part of training.